Friday, February 12, 2010

good day

Despite the nasty wind that accompanied an otherwise beautiful day today, Linus and I managed to log about 1.5 hours. And we even got off the farm too...only to the end of our road on the short side (the other side is about 2k) but it was still a fantastic outing for us both. I groomed him first because he is shedding like a shag carpet; which is bringing out even more colours in my boys' everchanging coat!! Today there was some white hairs coming through in places but there is a distinct deeper red dorsal stripe now too! Can't wait for spring to come to see what colour he decides on by then.
Anyway, for our walk today. I was driving him again using the surcingle and rope halter. We were walking down the nice quiet back road when i heard a car coming that was about to turn onto our road. So I stop Linus and stand with him at his head to talk him through the vehicle then I realise its Karalee Bell (Whirlwind Curlies) so she stops and we start to chat. Which was great for Linus to have to work on standing patiently. Then my Dad comes around the corner too and he stops to chat as well. So, now Linus had 2 potential giant monsters (vehicles) to deal with...but they turned out not to be a bother to him at all. Good boy!! And he had extra practice for standing still patiently. I was so proud of him. It was our first time driving off the farm. Then on the way back, he wanted to keep going past the driveway and explore what was up the road the other way. But I know there are dogs up that way so that will have to wait until he is more used to being on the road. It definitely made a difference providing him with some new scenery. He was interested and listened so well to my cues. He is nowhere near perfect but I am very pleased with our progress, especially with just a rope halter.
I am by no means bragging, just exceptionally proud of Linus. I get a thrill out of our sessions too. It feels so good afterwards to have worked with him and know that we made some progress. Even if we don't progress its just nice to work with him. I used to feel that way after spending training time with the show cows. I called it my "bovine therapy".
Let's hope the weather keeps improving and I can keep getting in good time with Linus!


  1. Donna, how awesome that you could introduce Linus to cars and have it be such a great experience! And good thinking to not push it too -- sounds like a great day for Linus and super beginning to his foundation as a road riding horse! =]

  2. Great job! Driving gives one such a different perspective just as the new scenery gives the horse new stimuli. Congrats on your progress and more to come!


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