Friday, February 12, 2010

Minnesota Sunshine

Well we had 17 below this morning but 25 above now and it feels like spring, working with the horses today was awesome. I would grab them and hug them and they smelled soooo good.
we accomplished a lot today and I am very happy about it. I don't move as fast as I used to but the horses seem to be patient with me and haven't steped on me yet. Betsy I am useing the smart wool socks and I just can't believe how very warm they are, I was in my tennisshoes all day.
Susan you had better look into them they are awesome. I have to keep this short and sweet so Denise don' t smack my fingers.
Harold and family


  1. VERY funny, Mr. Fairchild! HA! I really need to get some of them, there socks of yours! Where did you get them..can we buy them at like a Walmart or did you get them online? Best deal?

    Brrr...those cold nights are somethin' aren't they? Stay warm Harold and keep the posts comin!

  2. Hello Harold,
    It is so very good to know that you are hanging in there and have everything under control. I am trying to do the same. Please give your family, RainieDenise and Jeb, my best regards.

  3. Let me tell you Denise, NO you can't get them at WalMart, nor at my local family-owned quality clothing store! I was sorely disappointed! The owner suggested Lamey Wellahans or Reny's, both 40 minutes away from me! Shoot!

  4. Well, Harold, I agree, a warm horse surely does smell good on a winter day. Glad you are getting out there, but I am extremely jealous of your socks.

  5. Haroold, there is nothing like the smell of a horse! Bottled and marketed it would be better than any anti-depresant or soother! Maybe we should work on this. =)