Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sandor playin' in the Sun

Yesterday was an unusually bright, sunny day here.  So I took advantage of it and got out with Sandor.  As most of you know by now, Sandor is my up and coming young sporthorse stallion prospect, he hails from Shelly White's, is sired by Sandman's Magic and out of the lovely Dutch WB/Arabian mare Legacy (aka Vanity).

Yesterday we did a little at liberty running about, well, Sandor did, ok, I did also, was a big field, while my friend Robyn took the pics.  We then lunged a tiny bit before attempting the in-hand triangle, away from the judge, across and back towards the judge.  Was interesting to say the least.  Sandor wanted to play.  So I let him off the line again and we played, it was really an amazing experience.  Sandor might only be a little more than a year and a half, and when measured with a level on the concrete yesterday is 13.3HH, but he is a powerful individual and when he gets moving, you notice.  At any rate, I'd send him out, he'd go out on a circle, then come circle back in to me, as he reached me, I sent him back out in the other direction, we got it down so he was doing about 15 meter figure eights out and back to me, at a bold trot!  Really a rush having him trot powerfully up to me and take off out the other direction, I can hardly tell you, it was like dancing with him, I'm looking forward to doing more of that. 

Anyway, once he was a little less wound up, I clipped him back up and off we went on our little practice triangle.

I will be showing Sandor in-hand at a couple of shows this year, as well as just heading out to as many shows as we can to trapse about the grounds, I figure better to regularly practice all this at home, so when we add in the excitement of being off the property, and the oh so excitingness of other mares, he has less he has to remember and more experience to trust and just do.  So, we'll see how that works out. 
Here are a couple pics taken from yesterday at-liberty.  I'm a bit disappointed, as most of these are all from 'round two' of pics and doing things, as the pics from 'round one' spontaneously combusted while still on Robyn's memory card, no idea what happened, very disappointing though, about 500 pics, poof, gone :-(, I managed to sneak in a couple of pics from 'round one' on my camera, but it's hard to keep Sandor moving, get in their right place, and take a pic without blurring the image, so I hope you enjoy these ones and know they are of Sandor after he'd already been out for about three hours, so he was not looking his snazziest, but, still pretty darn good, in my terribly biased opinion. :-)



  1. Gorgeous! and your green grass is sure looking mighty good, too. ;)
    Sandor is playful, but I like the look in his eyes. Beautiful extended trot!

  2. What a nice looking colt Sandor is! I can see why you are biased! You are going to have a blast playing with him this summer (oops, working, but don't let him know that!:~) Ahh, that green certainly does look nice...keep those photos coming!


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