Sunday, February 24, 2013

A 2-week hiatus!

I forgot the camera of course, but after not riding for 2 weeks, Corky and I finally got out yesterday!  The temps had warmed to 30 degrees after having a true UP winter storm earlier in week.  Before that I was downstate visiting and then I had been sick too!  What a bummer not to ride during that time! 

Yesterday my husband suggested he ride his horse, so we ventured out on our trails.  Most of the trails in our area are too deep with snow, but my wonderful husband spent about 4 or 5 mornings plowing ours, because Corky had started refusing to go, as one of my last posts had told you.  So we started out and Corky was glad to get out!  My husband's horse is lucky if she gets out 6 times a year, so I'm never sure what our ride with her is going to be like, because she's unpredictable and will probably never get past the greenbroke stage.  I had told him to go ahead and get her ready, because it usually takes him awhile and she usually doesn't cooperate with bridling.  By the time I got out (I had to finish a cake I was making), he was already!  I was impressed! 

Corky and I started out leading, but just like our last ride we got to the quarter mile mark and he refused to go straight.  He wanted to just do the quarter mile loop.  He was remembering how deep that snow was and was refusing.  So Kirk urged Kayla onward and she took the lead, so then Corky followed.  I'm not real fond of Kayla leading because like I said she can be unpredictable, so I kept my distance in case she decided to throw a fit.  Corky was enjoying the ride and to my delight, so was Kayla.  She was interested in the scenery and was in a good mood.  We continued once around the trails and Kirk felt Kayla was tired because she's so out of shape, so he said he was done.

Our dog Chance meanwhile was having a fit back in the yard because she's gotten used to coming with me and Corky, and Kirk didn't want her with Kayla, and I wasn't done riding, so I asked him to let her out and off Corky and I went again, along with Chance.  I wanted to see if Corky would go past the quarter mile mark without giving me any trouble.  Sure enough we got to the quarter mile mark and he stopped.  I gave him a slap in the rump and a hard squeeze and he went forward!  I was so happy!  My gut instinct was that Corky was refusing because of the deep snow before and I think I was right!

The sun has been out the entire weekend and I really wanted to get back out today, but no such luck.  Things just kept happening and it just wasn't possible. 

I do have some really happy news about Rocky!  As some of you knew, Rocky's teeth had grown at an alarming rate and had caused huge problems with his mouth.  He won't be 3 until next month, but he had points on his teeth like a teenage horse who had never had a float.  He's been being treated for about 2 months now and about a month ago he started playing like he should have been all along, but never has since he has lived here.  We have been keeping him separated because he wasn't putting up for himself at all and the other horses were very mean to him.  But in the last month we had noticed he was antagonizing the other horses across the fence and he wanted in, so we decided to try it the last 2 days during the daylight hours and he's doing great!  The other horses are leaving him alone except for normal herd behavior.  He definitely is on the mend and we are tickled!

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Janeen, this is all very good news! I'm glad you got to go for a ride with your husband and that Kayla behaved! Maybe Corky is a good luck charm?? I didn't ride on Sunday, either, Ah-D isn't feeling well. :( I am glad Rocky's teeth are finally behaving themselves!!! ;)

    1. What's wrong with AhD, Susan?

    2. He was not eating or drinking yesterday, very quiet and subdued. Not in pain. But, he got chilled during the night Saturday (a rain/snow mix soaked him to the bone) and I think it made him feel lousy all day. I babied him and gave him a massage and checked on him a million times. 2:30 this morning I found him lying down in his stall (whew!!- that is normal) with a small pile of manure (whew!!) even though he hadn't really eaten or drank anything to speak of. But, I let him and Allie out and AhD urinated a bit and pooped a bit, and both appeared normal, and then he set to gingerly eating a pile of hay. And he even took a nibble of snow between every few bites, which is his custom. (whew!!!) Today it is beautiful out, thank God, so he and Allie can enjoy the day outside.

    3. Hope he continues to improve! Will be praying for him/you!


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