Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brr. Plain and Simple.

I'm dreaming of warmer weather, not much, just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. :)

Just enjoying my evenings lunging Jobi and doing some short work under saddle. He's such a ham for attention! Aligarh has been all cuddle-bug too lately, probably the cold weather.. nah, he's always an affectionate fella. 

Had some excitement the other evening when I went out to feed and bring Corbell in for the night. Jobi came running up to the gate and was whinnying and in hysterics. Very unusual, so I figured something was wrong. Since he's pastured with Corbell my first thought was that something was amiss with Corbell. Yup, gut instinct was right.

Fence lines down between the two small paddocks, but no Corbell to be found in either one. Found hoof tracks in the back pasture but nothing leading to far from the dry lots. Grabbed my flashlight and found he'd gone out the other side of the paddock and across the corn field, up around the back tree line and into the far back corn field. Finally found the youngster, he looked kinda relieved like he couldn't find his own way back.

Been a while since we've had anything too odd happen with the horses so I had forgotten Jobi's always been a great alarm, back when he was a stallion he'd whinny in hysterics if any of the horses had gotten hurt or were fighting. Other than that he'd be quiet as a clam.

I think Aligarh's grown, maybe just my imagination, but was out with him this morning and I could swear I've either shrunk a few inches or he's jumped up a few more. Gonna be fun once I clear out the arena and get him working again. :) Trying to track down someone in my area for jumping lessons with him who will travel to my farm, once he's back working under saddle of course. 

More pictures to come once I can take them without getting frostbite!

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