Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Progress on everything

UPDATE! PICS First off so sorry I don't have any pictures or videos I know they liven up the posts.  I have a few videos on my camera but they are long sections of my recent lessons that I hope to edit here soon.

Theo and I have made tons of progress. He is starting to handle the increased trot work and more advanced collection.  In our lesson yesterday the instructor pointed out that he needs to build a bit more hind end muscles but he is at the point to really start asking for upper level moves.  We worked on asking him for a "jump trot" and "jump canter" which I should be able to explain but honestly I was so tired by the time he was explaining it all I can only remember we are asking Theo to raise his neck a bit higher and still engage his hind end.  (Glad I video my lessons so I can go back and watch)
Theo was so smart it only took a few times for him to get what I was asking  (me on the other hand it took a few more explanations from the instructor for it to sink in).  However when I asked for Theo to go to a shortened trot then to a canter it was beautiful!  He was also doing some excellent shortened walk to trot transitions.
The big news on the Theo front though is I got brave and did a trace clip on him.  He was getting so wet during our rides thanks to our awesome heated indoor that I had to keep him in over night because he just wouldn't dry off in a time.  Yesterday after our lesson he was dry within 20 minutes :-)  Love it!
For those that have clipped straight coat horses before, clipping a Curly is 100% better!  No itchy hairs in your clothes it comes off like wool!

Abby has been feeling better as well.  I rode her on Monday night and she was quite full of herself to the point I had to get off and take her into the round pen to let off some steam.  With the ice and her stifles she really hasn't had the opportunity to let loose so we did a little ground work I got back on and she was very well behaved.  Yesterday we did a second round of injections into her ligament and the vet is very optimistic that this could be the last time as she is already feeling so much better.  Generally they do it 3+ times.

I thought this was pretty neat how you can still see the wave!


  1. Oh, man, some day I would love to have lessons!!! Once I had a drill team lesson and the instructor was Italian and spoke broken English in a thick accent. Now THAT was an adventure! :)

  2. I love having lessons they make me push myself to be a better rider and give them things to work on inbetween. I'm starting to suffer from arena boredom so getting advanced work to focus on helps.

  3. So nice to hear that both horses are doing so well!! I've never had any lessons, but I would love to try a few for sure. Can't wait to see your photos!

  4. Cool !!! literally...when my stallion was in training, in the winter, the trainer clipped made "horse keeping" so much easier, and he was way more comfortable....your lessons sound fun, I LOVE doing lessons, learning and expanding my go girl!

  5. Wow, can't believe the difference in COLOR!!!


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