Friday, February 22, 2013

*Bijou, *Flame and *Relic

Well, yesterday I was lucky enough to get the time to ride our wonderful mare *Bijou!  We adore this mare!  She is so well trained (thank you Anastasia!),  and light on the aids, willing to go forward and yet calm, safe, awesome!
We sometimes do partial leases on our horses and we have a gal who is riding *Bijou to regain her riding strength and confidence while her young/green horse is with a trainer and of course she LOVES *Bijou :)  Anyhow, while one of our horses is being ridden by someone else, we always ride them too, to make sure they are behaving and also remembering their correct training - so it was my turn to get on her and I had a lovely ride as always!
I am not sure if you can see it, but last year I found this bridle for *Bijou - it has a fancy browband with "B's" across it - I love it!

I also worked with *Relic - his training is advancing, but more slowly - horses do teach us patience eh?

But it is *Flame who is the star - I had my first solo trot on her yesterday - she was light, swinging, willing and forward - what a GOOD girl!
Shelly in Summerland, BC


  1. You sure have some nice horses, Shelly!

  2. I love the (warm weather hogging) work you do Shelly! Chinooks and spring on the way mean more riding time!


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