Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rode on the Road!

Riding is way better than walking!  hahahaha  We live on 44 acres surrounded by a 25,000 acre forest, so the riding here is great.  But there is one 'road' that is just incredible to ride on if you are with others because it is plowed but 'closed' to traffic and it is 14kms round trip.  But... we have to brave the county rd for about 1km to get there at this point.... Cars and big trucks wizz by at 80+kms.  Luckily most of them will slow down if they see us but there is a nasty bend in the road that limits visibility.  Plus, there are always those people that just don't know about horses being scared of big metal horse eating machines, and they just fly by.  Anyhow, up till now, we have just walked our horses in hand and then gotten on once we are off the main road.  It's been about 5 or 6 times.  But this past Sunday, we went out like we usually do, had a GREAT ride with some great trotting and cantering :-)  The horses were so content and relaxed and responsive that we decided to attempt staying on them, ready with our lead ropes in hand if we felt unsure.  But the horses proved our instincts right! They were brillant!  Even stopping at one point to meet a neighbour who came out to say hello (to two crazy cowgirls on the County Rd!).  
Fantastic!  Riding is WAY better than walking! hahaha 

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