Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Snow Riding

On Sunday, Ah-D and I were joined by a brand new friend Haleigh on Haflinger Allie.  Haleigh is from down south, and this was only the second time she has ridden in snow.

She did a fantastic job with Allie, and I could tell he really liked her.  We had fun out there, tooling around in all that new snow, following the paths Ah-D created on Saturday.
Ah-D was cool, calm and collected without being lazy.  He was obviously VERY happy to be out yet again, as was I.
So beautiful and peaceful, and it really made me feel good to make a new horse friend.  Haleigh is 13 and is home-schooled, and with her being new to the area, she doesn't know too many people around here yet.  You would have to look far and wide to find a sweeter, more polite individual.
Here are Ah-D's "I'm Behind Allie" ears. 
I rode in my bareback pad again and absolutely loved every minute of it, as usual.  We mostly walked along at a medium pace, enjoying the outdoors, chatting a bit, talking about how much we just love, love, love horses.  Haleigh lives on a Shire farm, and the last horse she rode was a 17.3 hand 3-year old filly.  I bet it was sooooommmme different riding 13.3 hand soon-to-be 20-year old Allie, but she enjoyed it very much, and the feeling was mutual (which doesn't always happen with Allie, believe me).
We took every winter trail open to us on our side of the road but avoided the Steep Hill.  I didn't want to press our luck. 
My oh my, what a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm hoping like crazy to get out next weekend as well, because as of yesterday, I have a new saddle!  I think even Harold will be pleased, but I will wait to reveal details until my next post as I have yet to try it out.  Until then, Happy Trails ~Susan and Ah-D in Maine~



  1. SUSAN, it is not fair to say you got a new saddle and then not say no more about it,,,,,,Dagnabit,,better be a hard seat,,Looks like you got a little more snow the we did but not much... Nice pictures,, Did you see any bigfoot tracks??

  2. Does Rainee often tell you that you are not good at waiting?

  3. HI Susan,I thought you could not join the competive part off RAC because you didn't have a lot off time to ride! ... you post most comments in the RAC! next year, you must join the competive part of the competion!! I'm jealous off you!
    Beautifull rides!what is the temperature at you place???

    Greetings Marjolein

  4. Marjolein, I am just not a competitive person anymore, so the non-competitive category sounded perfect for me. I probably ride more now in one month than I could ride all year when my kids were little, so I take advantage of it! Like last night...I actually saddled up Ah-D and rode for an hour in the dark to try out my new saddle, which I am still not going to reveal Harold because I can't take pictures in the dark. The temperatures in our Maine winters run from about 10 below 0 (rarely) to 40 above zero (rarely), but they have been running in the mid-teens (cold enough!!!) F on average in January. February, we should see quite a few 30-degree days which will be fantastic!

  5. I am anxious to see your new saddle too!! Anxious though, not impatient : )
    You are such a wonderful role model for the young girls that you take riding Susan. I'm sure you knows it just makes their day! Love the big smiles and of course, your lab trail!!

    1. Thank you very much, Donna! Looks like good weather this coming weekend for riding; what about up your way?

  6. Yes should be a great weekend here too! I actually rode last night in the dark with the bb pad again but my email post won't go through. It is saying successful but not coming up. I may have to do it on blogger again tonight! It was so much fun!

    1. Dear Donna,
      Only Crazy Girls ride bareback in the dark. Just sayin'. ~Susan


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