Sunday, February 17, 2013

Freestyle with Curlies in Texas

Hello all,

Today we worked on our Freestyle with our Golden Curlies. Our friend Rudy joined Gina and I and our wonderful Curly horses.. I love the singer Adele's music and decided to do a freestyle to her song; "Rumor Has It". Rudy and Lakota were such good sports playing the fella who is cheating...of course I am old lady with my handsome Chester and Gina is the beautiful young Lassie with Jet.
Our music is faint as we are listening to Adele's DVD inside my truck. Love her voice and her songs have great rhythm for riding. And, how cool to get three Golden Curlies together for a Freestyle ride{:>

Big hugs from Texas
Angie and her Golden Curlies and fabulous friends


  1. Angie, are you planning on doing a freestyle demo somewhere in TX?

  2. Susan,
    Yes, we are{:> It's great to show how wonderful our Curlies ride and personally I feel riding Freestyle with music is the next best thing to riding trials with our Curly friends. We also will be hosting the 2013 ABCR Convention at our ranch the second weekend of August and hope to be able to give some awesome demos{:>

  3. Way to go Angie! Looks like so much fun in the sun (sigh) : )


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