Sunday, February 24, 2013

What A Week!

A more hectic week would just not have been possible! There wasn't much horsey time this week but we were able to make up for some of it today. Linus gets bored easily so he was pretty desperate to get out and do something!!
I brushed him out - shedding like crazy!! We used the bareback pad and tried the fleece-nosed hackamore again. It seems to work well but I'm still not yet 100% sure it's the one for us.
My boy was very full of himself and pretty brisk today. No cantering yet Susan but some playful bucks didn't worry me or unseat me so I'm even more confident!
We had a good ride and I was very pleased that even though he was feeling the milder weather he was still tuned in to me and respected me.
My new book "Trick Training Your Horse" came last week so I have some reading to do!! I'm hoping that trying some of the tricks will be a good way to entertain and engage Linus on days where getting out for a ride just isn't possible.
My nephew was playing on the snowhill with my son so at least I had a photographer today!! The picture from the top of the hill is kind of funny - something that actually makes Linus look small!! Today's gate assisted mounting was Almost kind of graceful! : )
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, On (NOT Montreal, Quebec as the live traffic feed thinks! Lol)
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  1. I just love that last picture of you and Linus! I think that is one of your best ever. Sounds like you are getting practice at fence-mounting and soon you will be leaping onto his back from the fence like a gazelle in flight. ;) I think the tricks are a good idea because Linus is smart.

  2. Good pictures Donna, I really believe it is a good idear doing the trick teaching,, Rainee has taught Dusty some and also our quarter horse, it is neat and fun.. good looking horse you have there

  3. Glad you got to relax after a hectic week! I'll look forward to your tricks training! I'm sure Linus will be very good at that! The last picture is a good one!

  4. Thanks everyone!! I should maybe try and zoom in a bit on that picture and clean it up. It will be so nice to have some pictures again without so many layers on!!
    I'm hoping our first trick will be "bowing" so I can get on easier!

  5. Linus looks like such a big brown cuddly teddybear and cute as ever :) What ridding does for a person when we think we can't take much more!


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