Thursday, February 7, 2013

and there was sunshine.....

Wouw today we had sunshine!
I wanted to go to Cinderella ASAP.......and we had a lovely ride outside.
Because the rush (I was scared the sun would dissapear....)I forgot to take my camera
so afther the ride I made a nice picture.
I hope we have a lot off sunshine this year......
almost forgot the feeling of nice warm sunshine :)
In 2 weeks our new curly horse pony will arrive, keep you posted!

Have a nice day all curly folks
greetings Marjolein


  1. Cinderella is completely adorable, Marjolein! Looking forward to hearing about your Curly pony, too.

  2. Thanks Susan!tomorrow my pony will be at our stables....verry excited!


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