Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Curly horses on TV show

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Not only just try to do my regular riding ( in between the rain rain rain). But cleaning, preparing for being filmed.
That was some experience. We where contacted by KET tv ( Kentucky educational television). They have a TV show called Kentucky Live and they feature interesting things in Kentucky. From B&B's to Bourbon trails, all kinds of crafts and farms. They wanted to do an item of our B&B and Curly horses in South KY.
Boy was I nervous, specially during the interview since I still have a "Dutch" accent. But they thought it was cute.
We invited some people to come over and ride our Curly horses. I choose 3 of the geldings to ride and all three are totally different so you could see the diversity of the Curly horses.
Jake, a tall gaited micro curl gelding, Warrior Freedom, I see him as the foundation curly, and Moose Pony size extreme curly.
They also filmed the mares and our filly HCR Faith out of our stallion Lydiker.
I have no idea how much B&B and how much Curly there will be in the actual show, but the host/producer Dave Shuffet assured me to be prepared to get a lot of feedback and questions about curly horses after it has been on TV. It will be on tv on April 6 but we will get a link to share so everybody can see it online too.
Can't wait to see the end result. We did made some pictures during filming.
It was to cold to wear my RAC t-shirt. But I did where my INCREDIBLE CURLY Hoody, Denise ;-)

 Jake the big one, need a step to check if the saddle is good in place...and yes to mount too.
Handsome Jake with his one blue eye.

Here they are.

 The interview

 Preparing to go on the trails, everybody needs to go in the arena first to get used to their horses and the horses to the riders. Marion's rules sorry guys ;-)

 Dave Shuffet riding and filming. Hope he got the Curly ears good on this one, that would be a awesome shoot.

 Getting ready


  1. Oh, Marion, that is awesome! I bet you did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see the link! That Jake is so handsome; how could anyone resist? And your B&B is gorgeous. Some day I am going to come visit. ;)

  2. I would love to visit as well Marion! It looks so gorgeous there!! I can't wait for the link! I bet you're super excited to see the final product! Congratulations!

  3. Really exciting news, so can't wait to see the show. You do have a beautiful place and wonderful looking horses :)


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