Thursday, February 14, 2013

Night Moves

I tried to post this last night via email and it just refused to come through so here I am...again!!!

I desperately wanted to ride yesterday and the daily events just left me with no opportunity!
Almost the same today as well. Almost! After chores tonight my Dad had to deliver a hay wagon. I said I would finish up the water before I went home so he could get going. So that left me with half an hour to myself and an empty farm!!
Hello Opportunity!!!
I grabbed the fleece padded leather hackamore and the bareback pad and asked Linus what he thought of a night ride! He met me and snuffled the tack so I guess that's yes please!
I stepped in the paddock, tacked him up and led him through. I used the same very dainty gate mounting method as usual with the bareback pad!
Off we went and my boy sure had a nice spring to his step! It's been SO long since we have ridden in the dark. It wasn't an overly bright night but with a good layer of snow on the ground providing some reflection we were able to see well enough!
We did a fair bit of big, fun trotting through the snow. Linus was being a very good boy. I'll never know for sure but I swear he acts more careful when I'm riding with the bareback pad versus the saddle!
I feel ready for my bareback cantering Susan! But I don't think at night would be the best time for the first time.
We went back over and I slid off and gave Linus a great big hug and a treat. It was a pretty hectic day and Linus sure made it all go away - as he always does!
I hope we get more riding time soon!! Maybe at dark, we will take what we can get...though Susan seems to think only "crazy girls" ride at night with bareback pads...bah!   : ) (That's all from Feb 13)

This morning, Linus decided to go for a stroll on his own at some point. I don't know if he broke the wire or what but he was out. Allie and Mac stayed in. I wasn't at the farm but my Dad was in the barn checking two cows that are in and ready to calve. When he walked out of the barn he was face to face with Linus and just about crapped his pants!!!! Linus just stared at him like it was a regular, every day thing! And of course he then played hard to get because he knew that my Dad was not too thrilled with him at that particular moment! These two have always had a love-not so love relationship...mostly because trouble always seems to find Linus....he of course never goes looking for it!!.....
I laughed so hard when my Dad relayed the story. When I was there doing chores later in the day I asked Linus if he had been a bad boy. He lowered his head and sighed and then rested his chin on my shoulder for a scratch above his lips where he likes it best! What a boy. 
I told my Dad maybe Linus just wanted to be his Valentine??? Funny enough, he did not agree.....


  1. Donna,
    I love hearing of Linus' escapades{:> What a wonderful Valentine he is{:>

  2. I think you are smart and not crazy to save your first bareback canter for the daylight. I can't wait to hear about it. Loved this post and how you are having so much fun fitting riding time into your busy life. Isn't it so incredible how riding that special horse can give you thrills, peace and tranquility all at the same time? And those Curlies, always into something, and Linus is no exception. Maybe I will take a night time ride my self tonight. ~Crazy Susan

  3. Well Donna thanks for the story , made for a good chuckle this Canadian morning in Minnesota... I really think you two were made for each other,,


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