Thursday, February 28, 2013

A "Charming" ride!

Today was *Charm's turn to take a few turns around the arena and well, I thought I would lunge her first - she is a real "go-go" kinda girl :)  Well, go-go is putting it mildly today!  She was on fire LOL.  I lunged her for at least 45 minutes - now, understand for me this is never just running around and getting rid of energy, (goodness knows that Charm will never have a lack of energy!) I always use lunging for training purposes.  In fact, I never allow a horse to run around on the lunge line and even rarely allow them to do this in the arena.  I figure they have 22/23 hours a day to run around and on my time (1-2 hours) they can behave....
So, I used the lunging time to reinforce in Charm how nice it is to have a rhythm and also to reach for the contact and go long and low (so important!).  So when she was finally being sensible about it all :)  I hopped on her and we did the same from the saddle.  Now when I got on I was actually expecting her to be quite full of herself, but no!  She was focused and lovely and soft to ride - such a good girl!
Charm does require a "very" tactful rider, one with an independent seat that will not hang on her mouth - hanging on her mouth will get you a "very" fast and forward ride!
Anyhow, I love how soft and light she was for me - and it was unexpected!  I thought she would be a handful!  A good day in the saddle for sure!
Shelly in Summerland


  1. This mare is gorgeous! Glad she listened to you and you had a great ride.

  2. I've never heard your point of view about lunging, so that was interesting for me! I agree with Susan, Charm is charming and beautiful!


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