Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Working for the weekend!

The weatherman has forecasted Saturday to be almost 60 degrees and sunny!  I have made plans to ride Shya with my friends Lara and Nora at a  place down here called East Fork Stables which has more than 100 miles of trails with beautiful overlooks and bluff views.  The trails range from flat to mountainous which makes the ride very interesting.  The plan is to ride out to one of the many overlooks, picket our horses and have a picnic lunch.  (I love this place because they have picket lines so I don't have to worry about Shya rubbing off her halter bridle or rubbing her saddle against the tree!  Yay for me, I can enjoy lunch!)  The best part of the ride is that my RAC t-shirts are here!  Now I just need to decide which color I want to wear because besides the burgundy one, I ordered a blue one and a pink one too.


  1. Sixty degree weather, miles of beautiful trails, friends, and a Curly...who could ask for more?

  2. Wow, Tammy, what a beautiful area. I can't wait to about the ride with Shya and the picnic{:>


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