Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cinderella and Bucky

Today was a busy day, I have to deal with 2 horses!
with cinderella I started in the paddock ....
 then I tried again to go outside, there was built a new barn and Cinderella found that very exciting so she was didn't wanted to go there .... I get off and I know that's not good! I walked further, later I get back in the saddle and there was a ball in the ditch, very scary offcourse!!! So again she stopped and began to sniff hard ...... she didn't want to walk anymore so I get out the saddle again! I know ... it's ... not good.
Then I walked with her just beside her all along all the scary places ..... it was a lot better! Then I get back in the saddle (climbedin into the saddle) and I ride her again the same round! everything was going verry well and I'm proud off both of us!

Then I get Bucky from his stable and brushed him ... he's very funny and tried al the time to play with me! he has broken my candy box, so he could eat all the candy!

.... I trie to take him away of the candy, he didn't want to!I had to pull verry hard! I wanted him lunging and I know he can but he was playing  with me and did very obstinate ... he just does not like it!
when I go out walking with him, it's all perfect .... you need at least a bomb beside him, to scare him! ... he just thinks everything is funny!
For 2 years I am wanted to have this pony ... whene I had my curly mare Rose (before Cinderella)

I wanted this pony, now I have him..I can't believe!Thank you Louise Parker....


  1. I wouldn't beat yourself up about getting on and off Cinderella because she is nervous. If you lead her up to and past the scary stuff, you are still the leader. Maybe you should take HER for walks as well as Bucky; what do you think? It would be nice if you had a steady, experienced been-there, done-that horse and rider team to ride with. Are you going to train Bucky to drive? That is really nice that he is a dream come true for you.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the advise
    I want Bucky to ride and drive....he has verry strong muscles, but he has to learn a lot.
    Louise Parker (the seller) told me and show me on movies that they started him under saddle, and that's good but he needs more groundwork whene I walk with him he walks in my space if you know what I mean? he doesn't understand...walking around in curcles...(do you understand waht I mean? (I stand in the middle and he walks and runs around me....)so I have a lot off work, but I like to work with the horses...keep you posted! :)

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. He invades your personal space and needs to learn to stay out of it and listen to you and to stand still when you say so, especially if he is intended for your children. You are very smart to do more groundwork with him.

  3. That is good advice from Susan.... if you think you should get off, it is probably a good idea! Staying safe is the first and most important part of horse riding/training/handling.
    It does sound like she could use more ground work - I have a "rule" here that if I cannot do an exercise with a horse from the ground, I do not attempt it from their back. I find that lots of ground work helps to bond with the horse and build their trust that you will be a consistant leader and then it is so simple to show them the same things from their backs.
    JMO of course!
    Shelly in Summerland, BC

    1. thanks for your awnser....I bought the horse for my kids and I knew he would be al little bit green, but he is verry green!
      Cinderella and I have a verry good bond....we totally trust each other, we worked a lot to get my kids will have to wait before they can ride the horse, maybe they can sit on him and walk whene I walk next to him, but notheing more....I also like to work with the horse because than you have a goal....I do hope to get my goal at the end of RAC 2013.

  4. Very good advice. If the horse won't do it on the ground don't do it on their back! I know you have a lot to do with Bucky but boy does he tug at the heart strings! What an adorable fella! You're doing fantastic with them both! Cinderalla and charming prince Bucky! : )


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