Monday, February 18, 2013

Trial ryding

Our goal (my goal) is to take cinderella outside and riding in the woods and the streets....
cinderella is always looking at everything you can look at.....and then I get nervous, then she gets nervous because of me and then we are both anxious and getting more nervous......
Today I(we) made (with loose reins) a little riding and I tried to be completly relaxt.
Don't trie to wurry because her looking al the time....I let her look and our trip went very well.
Tomorrow a friend will help me by my side cycling, today I forgot to take pictures of our trip, but tomorrow I will certainly do!
Tomorrow also my new curly will arrive!
Tomorrow I will also make a few nice shots ... and then let him enjoy a few quiet days in his new home.


  1. Marjolein, recognizing the problem is half the battle, so you are well on your way to nice, relaxing rides on Cinderella. Her color coordination is cute! Pretty good that Cinderella doesn't mind bicycles beside her.

  2. hi susan, I hope she will not mind...we have never don it before!!!!our horses are look a likes! yours is also verry nice!cinderella's father is shadows hawk spirit, don't know how you name his color, he has 3 colors over his body, we call it:bond, cinderella is also bond, but she is just marked on the right places and because of that she doesn't look bond.her tail is also 3 color but because she is lossing her tail and rubbing it a lot, you can't see.

    1. Yes, I certainly know of Shadow's Hawk Spirit, that very, very handsome Curly dude! Ah-D also used to be very looky, and one piece of advice that I read by Linda Parelli helped me tons. Most other advice said to keep your horse moving...well, that only added to the problem with Ah-D. Linda Parelli said (and I paraphrase here) to relax and let your horse look all she wants. When she has looked enough to satisfy her, she will move on. If you don't let your horse become satisfied that there is nothing to fear, you will continue to have a looky and nervous horse. That advice doesn't work for every horse/rider pair, but it SURELY worked for us!!!

  3. Marjloein, Susan is right...and you are halfway there....keep your spirits high and ride strong{:>

  4. I agree with Susan (and Linda) on that one. Linus isn't too look but when he has a case of P & V (piss and vinegar) he can be. The best thing is to let him look. When I introduce him to something new I always say "take a look" and he knows what it means just as much as he knows "whoa". She is beautiful and I wish you all the best on your journey together!


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