Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Texas it must be a Duck Hunter

Hello all,

Our wonderful friend, Gina, who is staying with us for a few months, is visiting from Hamburg, Germany. She is a wonderful equestrian and beautiful young lady. She has an awesome Hanoverian mare that is her equine partner back home but I was excited to share our fabulous,Curly, horses with her. She has already fallen in love with them. She and our sweet Jet (Black Curly) have partnered up and are doing great. 

Friday night we were preparing for a Concealed Handgun License class that we hosted today at our ranch so I suggested to Gina we saddle up our boys and go ride to the back where we would be target practicing. We have just completed digging a huge tank and the tall berm is a perfect back drop for our targets. As the sun was setting I noticed  movement in the woods. At Golden Curls Ranch we practice passive training and our Curlies graze peaceful with goats, pigs, llamas, turkeys and more so when we are on trail rides they have already seen other critters and are less likely to feel the need to spook. But, again, I noticed something, this time it was the sound of dried leaves crunching.

I snickered at myself for even thinking twice about it but the third time I saw a shadow and the hair stood straight up on my back. My mother instinct kicked in and I asked Gina if we needed to could we jump the fence and head back home. The brave and wonderful horse lady smiled a big smile in agreement....(we will try our hand at having a Steeplechase soon{:> Still, it didn't help that our County D.A. was murdered in our small town just day before and it is all over the news that there is a manhunt going on.

But, I watched Chester's body language and he was perfectly fine walking along simply enjoying our sunset and quality time with his riding partners. Jett was listening to Gina and, he, too showed no concern. Later that night when I turned on the TV, Duck Dynasty was on and it occurred to me it could have been a Duck hunter in the woods. Well, I'll admit all this talk of the Bigfoot sightings have gotten me Harold, I sure hope you and Curly find out what going on soon so we can go back to our peaceful trail rides with our wonderful Curlies.

Angie and Gina with Chester and Jett
Kaufman, (30 miles SE of Dallas), Texas, USA


  1. Angie, I'd take Bigfoot over a murderer any day, that's for sure! Yesterday when I was out walking with Ah=D, some creepy guy stopped his car and asked for directions...kind of made me re-think where I was walking alone because it was 1/2 mile to the next house, and I can no longer jump high enough to get on bareback. Sounds like you had a wonderful ride with Gina, Chester and Jett. I was hoping some day we could have an exchange student, too. Look at Jett walking right along. He sure looks relaxed and happy!

  2. Susan,
    Please be careful when you and Ah-D are out riding, it is such a different world now. I grew up when we didn't lock our doors and now we are watching cameras to see who is at our gates. And, we are not in the "hood". I started carrying my revolver (the Judge) when I encountered a couple who were camped out on our land and did not want to leave. They were clearly under the influence of meth ( a devastating drug) and had been evicted from their home a few miles away and decided to camp on our land, with a camp fire under the trees. (Not a good idea)
    On a more positive note, yes, Gina is wonderful. Her mother is coming to visit with us during Spring Break. We visit via Skpe often and are becoming very close. If you are interested I can share the Educational Merit Foundation's contact information so you can host a wonderful student. It is also a great way to share our Curlies with other countries{:>
    Big hugs, Angie

    1. Good advice, Angie, and glad you are ok after your episode!!!!!

  3. Well Angie, you had me on the edge of the chair as I read about the leaves rustling and the motherly instinct and hairs on the back of your neck,,, I am thinking I am gonna see a picture of bigfoot,,, Great story Angie and fantastic horses, thanks

  4. Wow sounds like lots of fun down in Texas! How cool to have an exchange student with you! Another honorary RAC member during her time here?? : )


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