Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calm weather, time for a nice ride

Today after a few stormy weather days it is quite nice out so I took Suri for a nice trailride. Lovely! She had lots of energy and was glad when we came to our ´cantering path´ so she could stretch her legs! On the trail we worked on side passes and shoulder in, to keep her focussed and flexible. She did great and is getting a nice round belly with the foal inside.

After riding Suri I took Voelie out for some brushing and practicing mounting. I stand on my mounting blok and practice swinging my leg over her back several times. Also sometimes touching her butt so she learns that is not scary. She did great. I also did some ground work with her.

A lovely morning with my two lovely Curlies!


  1. Jessica, we have certain places on our trails that are good for a canter, too! I can't wait to hear about Sur's foal. Who is the daddy? Voeli is coming along well. I bet she has grown quite a bit. Can you pony her off of Suri?

  2. I love those canter parts on trails:) I havent tried ponying Voelie yet. I don't dare to on the road because it is quite narrow and we have lots of traffic, then there is not enough space for two horses next to each other. I could try it in the field but Suri can be a bit mean towards Voelie(and Voelie can be a little brat so I dont know who starts it;)I do want to use Suri in getting Voelie used to riding, when I have my friend ride Suri and me later on on Voelie we can hopefully go out together.

  3. Jessica,
    Sounds like a wonderful ride. Let us know how it goes with Voelie when she ponies with Suri):>

  4. I love hearing of your curly girls Jessica. I can't wait to see Suri's foal and I'm really excited for your first ride on Voelie! I'm sure it will be very thrilling for you!


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