Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pure Magic!

We had quite the snowfall here too, just like Susan in Maine! But it is February and to be expected! There were no cows calving and the weather was gorgeous here today so once chores were done it was a horsey afternoon!!! We first let them both loose for a good frolic on the farm. We haven't had very good footing recently for the horses to let off some steam. The new snowfall has given a nice cushion and they took full advantage! There is nothing more beautiful than watching them play. Linus loves snow!

I think this is my new absolute favourite picture of Linus (above) I waited almost an hour to get the right shot and am kicking myself for only having my cell phone and not my good camera! But, as Lynn (his breeder and my dear friend) said, it is still a keeper! 

After the romp, I threw the bareback pad on Linus and hopped on (a not so graceful act that usually means lining him up beside a gate to clamber on!) I did measure him today and he's a solid 15.2hh. And I do not think he is done yet. He will be 4 this May. I tried a new hackamore on him today. It's got a braided leather noseband. It's a bit heavier in weight than the one I have been using but he seemed very comfortable with it and I liked it too. It seems you just have to make sure it is exactly level when you put it on. I have a leather with fleece lined hackamore to try too. I had tried it at Christmas but it was too small. I recently discovered there were another two holes on it though. I thought I had it as big as it would go. I put it onto a different headstall and went to try it today. When I put it on it was an excellent fit on the nose but the throat latch was too tight on Mr. Bighead!! It now has a new hole for next time!!
Linus was a dream to ride today. I know I have said it before, but we love to ride in the snow! We had the best trot ever today. I am very anxious to try a bareback canter, I have never done this bareback on any horse! Linus will definitely be the one though! I just love this big red fella!
I have a friend who had a horse called Magic, Linus' full name is HCH Make My Day, and I think he fully lives up to that! Just as good as being called Magic in my book!

This is a late afternoon picture of Linus and his Arabian friend, Allie. 2 years ago she was a bit taller than him when she came to our farm. And she was the boss!! Not so anymore! But, as you can see; they have worked things out!


  1. Donna, I can only imagine the time and work that you put on your horse, it sure seems to have paid off, he is beautiful and you two seem to have a lot of trust for each other,, a great picture, beautiful horse, now why did you send us all this snow??????????????????

  2. Because it is February in Minnesota (and Maine) Harold, that's why. Those Canadian's learned in kindergarton to share. Donna, the photo of Linus is absolutely lovely. He is getting to be a big brute, isn't he? Gawd he has a thick neck! So handsome, a beautiful color red. Cantering bareback through snow is waaaay easier than Big-Snow-Trotting, you wait and see. You are gonna love it!

  3. HCH Make My Day is a perfect name for Linus. I love your photos and the joy being with him gives you{:> Thank you for sharing and letting me enjoy your wonderful Linus too{:>

  4. Thanks for the kind comments : ) You're right Susan! Trotting in the snow does bring out a big, bouncy trot! So much fun though!


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