Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here comes spring!

Well, I have been riding most days - but it has only been short pony rides on the two horses I am currently starting under saddle.  The first one belongs to my friend Cheryl Murphy, his name is *Reluctant Magic - here he is with my daughter on him - he is a really good boy and although he has quite a bit of "go", he is coming along really well.

The other horse I am currently saddle training is my mare *My New Flame - she is a 2006 mare that I have started a few times over the past couple of years but things seem to get in the way of us making progress - such as winter time.... foals (she has had 2), but THIS year is her year to be ridden.....!  And she is making great progress - such a good girl - can you see how happy I am? LOL

I should comment that she actually has a long and full tail :(  I had an orphan colt that I "adopted" last year and he at the tails off of three mares and my other three foals - I was less than pleased as you might imagine.... here is a picture of her with a full tail!

Finally, this past Sunday my partner, Warren, asked if I wanted to get out for a trail ride - well..... I wasn't really feeling like it as I had already worked two horses and well, we have had a lot of snow and I am not fussy about the ice and slippery, hilly trails that we have - but since it was a lovely sunny day I agreed to go.  Well!  I was SO glad that I did - we had a wonderful ride on trails that were snow packed in places, other places not - but the footing was pretty good overall and I took my favorite trail horse *Serenade and she was just marvelous as usual!  I didn't get pictures of us, but I am including a "file" picture of us - this was last winter when we didn't have much snow - but you get the idea :)

Happy trails!
Shelly in Summerland,


  1. You are pretty positive with your title! Once a cow ate off my Morab's tail in the same way. I was not a happy camper.

  2. Shelly would you mind sending spring here first please? You westerners always hog it first in Canada. We've had 2 days of blustery weather!
    That's a beautiful picture of Flame! She looks to have a big ground covering trot! Love the shot of you and Warren!

  3. Susan, I was just devastated that he ate all those tails! He ate Serenade's tail too - it looks terrible now :( I might even resort to getting her an extension this year....

    Hey Donna - sorry about hogging spring, but you are welcome to come and visit us to get a taste of it!


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