Saturday, February 2, 2013

A class discovering curlies in France !

Hello to all !
I'm sorry I had not the time to write to the group before now. I'm Sophie, I'm living in France and i'm a curly lover since nearly ten years. I have tree curlies to ride and train this year, Golden Gaits Kokopelli, Ushuaïa de Khépri and Jak Géricault B. I would like to have a nice team of curlies for promote the bred in shows and clinics, and offer  trail-riding sometimes too, for allergic people or not. But I have to work with my horses before that...
I had not a great time with riding in january, the weather was awfull in our country, wet wet wet !
Yesterday I guested a class of students in agriculture, speciality horses (many are dreaming to become horse breeder). Two of them was at the Ranch Namapamoos in 2012 for learning. They loved the curly horses and wanted to show them to the class. So, they come and we had a very nice afternoon. I spoke about curls and bred. After we was going in the meadow, to meet my herd, mares, foals etc. Then I rode a little Ushuaïa and explained allergies in the same time. Then we come back at home for a chat with Isabelle Checroune by Skype. And we finished by visiting a little expo about curlies and a tea time. I think they was happy !
Thank you to the class of BTSA Lycée Val de Sarthe from Sablé for your interrest !


  1. Wow, you win the crown for Curly promotion! That sounds incredible! What are the meanings of your horses' names? I am remembering back to my French classes (ok, remembering waaayyy back), and I think lycee is high school. Did most of these students have experience with horses already? Other than the two who stayed with Isabelle, I bet it was the first time they had seen a Curly.

  2. Wow what great promotion! And a fantastic way to shows off the breed! Great job Sophie! Looking forward to hearing more adventures from France!


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