Friday, February 8, 2013

Pre-Blizzard Riding

Big storm getting ready to arrive here in Maine tonight, so I figured I'd better get out there and enjoy the snow before there may be too much snow to enjoy on curly horseback.
I bundled up because it was 11 degrees and "breezy" around 4:00 when I snugged the bareback pad onto Ah-D's back.  It took me a couple of tries to jump on, even though I used a poop bucket to stand on.  I am going to use the excuse that my movement was restricted by two layers.  Yes, that sounds good.  Anyway, I changed tactics and clambored up on our stone retaining wall and slid onto Ah-D's back that way. 
Ah-D was raring to go, and the Labs were very excited to be along.  Boy, did it ever feel great to be out in the pre-storm.  Snowflakes swirled all around, and the fresh, white already-deep snow was beautiful. My dogs were scampering about here and there, sniffing, playing and generally having such a good time that it was impossible to be anything but joyful.
I wrapped my legs right around my Curly and urged him into a nice big trot. He arched his neck and obliged. 
We stopped to admire some snow-laded evergreens.

Ah-D seemed to think this pause in forward movement was an excuse to turn and head for home, prancing and shaking his head in his eagerness to get back to his buddy Allie, who was standing out in the paddock calling to us.  I could hear him faintly ever so often as the wind carried his plaintive cries to us.  Boo-hoo.  As soon as I safely tucked my camera away in my pocket, off we went again.  We had a SUPER collected canter, oh man, one of our best ever. I really love that bareback pad and wish I could find a saddle that made me feel the same way.  I have decided to sell my Sensation treeless because it just doesn't float my boat like I thought it would.  When I ride in it, I have a very insecure seat, like I am just going to slide right off.  It's fine an hour into the ride when Ah-D is all settled down, but not when we first set out and Ah-D is rambunctious (like today, but it doesn't bother me bareback). Does anyone have any suggestions for a saddle that would give me that same close contact feeling?
I'm hoping to be able to get out again tomorrow afternoon when the blizzard (which I can now hear full force raging outside) has finished it's thing.  The forecast for my area has been upped to 18-24", but the snow is incredibly light and fluffy, so it may be FABULOUS for another great ride!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful ride! Fluffy snow is the best! Too bad about your saddle! Looking forward to tomorrow's report!

  2. Hey dear friend,
    Thinking of you and the storm coming in - please be safe{:>
    Hugs from Texas

  3. Wade saddles are really well thought of in our area...Susan what are you looking for in your saddle, trail riding, pleasure or dressage and jumping (yes, I can see you and Didder jumping those el grande tree logs that will surely be on the trail after this weekend's storm). These are the questions I ask myself when looking for a saddle...and then we can help with suggestions{:>

  4. Trail riding and all around stuff, my Texas Cowgirl. Jack of all trades. (yes, and master of none, it's true)

  5. Oh boy Susan the very best riding saddle is a deep dish western roper, you lock in and everything is held in place and hard to buck you out,, A hard dish is best you get used to it you butt doesn't hurt and ache, don't get yuppie on me with a padded saddle. Nice picture but keep the snow in your neck of the woods please!!

  6. Good luck! It took 6 attempts for me to get it right! Leather english, synthetic English, synthetic western, Australian and then my current leather western. Current is by far best fit and best security for both of us!


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