Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shorty Saturday

It was a beautiful, bright and crisp day here. I had the farm all to myself for a few hours!! Of course my plans included a ride.
I knew there was a cow close to calving but her water hadn't broke when I got my tack out (yes Harold I used the saddle today) so I figured I had time for a decent ride.
Linus was sun bathing halfway down his paddock and I said "Well, you coming or what?" Right on cue he walked over and lowered his head for the halter! What a guy.
When he was all tacked up and ready to go I had a pretty sizeable problem! My leg was about 2 inches too short! Darn winter layers do not make it easy when it's already a stretch in the warm weather!! After a few failed attempts and a mumbled "you darn well better be done growing" I told him I needed a mounting block of some kind. He followed me a bit then stopped. He nudged me then turned his head toward his stirrup. I was like he was saying try one more time. So I actually said to him ok, one more go. Go figure I was able to reach and got on easily! How he knew or what he did I don't know!! About 15 minutes in we were near the barn and Linus starting acting funny. Then I heard why; the unmistakable noise of a cow talking to her new baby calf! I couldn't believe it.
So I untacked Linus and tended to the new addition.
I guess if you're going to have a ride cut short, it's a pretty darn good reason!
Feelin' Short and Cut Short in Ontario!
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  1. Awww, what a cute calf1 And I love your shadow picture. I think it is super the way you and Linus can communicate with each other. What a bond you have! Good thing you don't live on the flatlands or you might find yourself with a long walk home should you have to dismount.

  2. Ha ha, I have a book coming on teaching your horse tricks; maybe I should teach him to kneel down for me to mount!! That would be pretty sweet!
    How's the new saddle?? Are we ever going to hear about it? I thought about it when I got mine out!

    1. I bet Linus would be a WHIZ at tricks! Really, you should teach him to bow so you can get on!!!!!!

  3. Donna,
    Great photos, and I love how Linus listens to you{:> Big congratulations on your newest little one{:>


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