Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a perfect day...a perfect gift

Well offcourse  I payed for the gift (hahah)
To day our sweet curly pony arrived! he is a sweetheart stole my heart in 1 second!
We are verry happy!
He was scared offcourse because of his trip but in 2 hourse he was verry happy.

My oldest daughter asked him...can I have a kiss???...both my kids get 100 kisses!
Now we give him some time to relax and tomorrow I will brush him and trie to go out on a trip with Cinderella......I show you some pictures again!


  1. The girls and the pony are all adorable. Looking forward to seeing how he and Cinderella get along.

  2. Hi Susan, I hope they will get along, Cinderella can be or just is a bitch to other horses, but maybe she just does that to non curly horses....tomorrow I will ride her and brush and walk with Bucky, Cinderella doens't like me walking or talking with other horses so I kind off feel sorry for her but she can't control my life...god she is a horse!

  3. Aww what a cutie, he looks very sweet. Cinder will do fine with him. I noticed that the curly horses are very drawn to each other comparing to the non curly horses. You might have a problem getting them apart LOL
    Good luck with your curly babies.

  4. I never thought of that before! Mostly everyone I know with Curlies only has Curlies or has one of two different breeds (like us; 1 curly, 1 Arab or Susan with a curly and a haflinger) that's interesting!
    That has got to be about the most handsome pony I've ever seen! He just looks so full of character!


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