Thursday, February 28, 2013

Outside of the box.....pasture

Just a short note to tell a little story that happened this afternoon.  I took Corky for a short ride before dark and after I put him back in the pasture I went and got his and Rocky's hay for the night.  The gate is getting stuck in the snow now that we have so much, so I pushed the gate open and turned around to go get the wheelbarrow.  Usually this isn't a problem, but the gate was open just enough that ..... yup, Corky snuck through.  Of course, my first reaction was to get too excited since our gate is near the road, but I calmed myself quickly and called him.  He walked over to a huge pile of snow from plowing ignoring my requests.  About two seconds later he did turn around, but then found some spilled grain and settled for that.  I remembered that he had learned to go where I pointed, so I pointed through the gate, all the while trying to make sure Rocky didn't escape too!  Corky wasn't cooperating and started through the path to the yard toward the house.  At least it wasn't toward the road.  I didn't have a rope halter or lead rope or anything near.  It was all in the house.  I decided I would have to go to the house and get one, when Corky turned and looked at me.  I motioned with my arm in a "come" fashion and he came to me.  Then I pointed into the pasture again through the gate and he went!  Yup, I'm just beaming.  I LOVE my boy Corky!  And, yes, he got a treat for that.  I did have them on me.


  1. Awwwwww...what a good boy! That is nice that he and Rocky can be in the pasture together now, too.

  2. What a feel good moment when he came back! So nice to hear that Rocky is starting to feel better!


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