Sunday, February 24, 2013

A much needed ride!

I started a new job this past week as Administrative Assistant at an elementary school, which has been exciting, yet stressful.  The sadness of leaving my friends at my previous job was almost overwhelming.  I worked at a Real Estate office for over 3 years as an Office Manager and made well over 50 dear friends.  The last day was filled with lots and lots of hugs and tears.  Last weekend was spent worrying about my new job, and then this week was spent having the stress of learning new things and feeling the embarrassment of NOT knowing the answers to the parents many questions.  The good thing is that, for the most part, my new co-workers are very friendly and helpful and have made me feel welcome.  The ride today was much needed!  My husband decided he did not want to ride so it was just my friend, Lara, and me.  Shya seemed in good spirits when I loaded her in the trailer so I thought to myself "this will be a nice relaxing ride", but she had other things in mind.  She was calm while I saddled her (which is her norm), and she tolerated me mounting and un-mounting numerous times in an attempt to get my stirrup leathers just the right length (oops, left mine at home, luckily Lara had an extra set).  It was as we headed down the road that the attitude started, so I asked her to trot, to which she replied with her teenage girl head toss. Each time I asked something of her she would swish her tail and toss her head.  She had not done this for a very long time, so to say the least, I was concerned.  Was her girth to tight, did she have a stone in her hoof, a burr under her saddle pad?  Nope.  She continued the attitude as we headed down the mountain.  I stopped to lower my stirrup, while in the saddle, and she continued with the attitude, spinning and trying to head back to the trailer.  I corrected her and headed her down the road again.  Then I realized that I had actually raised my stirrup instead of lowering it, so I tried to fix it again and the attitude started again.  That is when I decided it was time to hop off.  I lowered the stirrup and decide to do some ground work with her.  It took only about a minutes time and her attitude disappeared.  I hopped back on and the rest of the ride was enjoyable and relaxing.  It is so nice to have her at the level of training she is at so that just a quick reminder brings her back to me.  I am not sure if it was the fact that a set of horses went another direction or if she remembered that her last ride had been so stressful that had given her an attitude.  After we got home, Mark decided to trim her hooves.  Usually she is a bit dancey and will not let him use the hoof stand.  Today she stood quietly (except when all the cows started moo-ing) and even allowed him to use the hoof stand on all four hooves.  We both were so proud of her and rewarded her with an apple.  She has come so far and I credit her with all the changes.  Sure I have worked with her but it is completely her choice to accept the training.  I love my Shya!


  1. Congratulations on the new job! What a stressful week indeed! So glad Shya "came back to you" so quickly once she was reminded. I can tell you've got a special bond with her.

  2. I have had the same job for 15 years and the one before that for ten, so I can't imagine switching jobs. How stressful. You must have REALLY!!! needed that ride. Glad you got to go out. Ah-D used to be terrible for hoof trimming, but now he is extra good. ;)

  3. Much needed ride here too eh? So nice to hear and I agree, you and Shy a have a very special bond. Best of luck with the new job! And Congratulations!


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