Saturday, March 2, 2013

Conditioning plans and another driving horse

 After a very emotionally challenging/distracting Jan and Feb I am back to driving on a regular basis. I don't have any new "Legacy" photos to share, so thought I would share one from my file, and dream about summer weather.  Right now, my driving goal is all about conditioning. Legacy needs to get fit and strong, and driving daily with a couple days off a week will accomplish that goal.  To add  interest, I set up a couple pieces of plywood in our arena to drive over. At one the driving events we go too, there is a wooden bridge that goes "clunk, clunk" when you drive over it. I did not have enough confidence in myself to drive Legacy over the bridge last year. The bridge opens up to the main county road about 20ft after the bridge....Someone more experienced could have driven Legacy over,  but I was playing it practice at home, and will have plenty of confidence to drive the bridge. It is also rather time consuming to groom right now. The curls are just peeling off Legacy, as she sheds from winter to summer coat. I have to be super careful about hair, as curly hair can hide things Mike is allergic too...dust, hay and other allergens can really, we groom and groom and groom. It is, however, a superb bonding experience, and just good for my soul...there are healing powers to grooming a horse...we all know that.

Summer dreams shedding hair !
*Winsome Lady ....starting her driving career! the last few weeks I had the chance to head to our harness trainer and check on the progress of *Winsome potential 2nd driving horse. Lady has been with my harness trainer and is now making progress in great strides. I also took my cart to the trainer, and hopefully the next pics of Lady I have, will be of Lady, with ME driving in our own harness and cart.  I really appreciate RAC...even if I have no time in my day, I can always sneak at peek at the RAC blog and see what others are up too....go RAC'ers!


  1. Lovely pictures and wow, that Winsome Lady is a looker! If you had told us about her, I had forgotten. Are you going to have a team? I joke about putting Allie the Haffie and Ah-D into a "matched team," but it looks like Legacy and Lady could be the same size and build. And I would just like to say, "Dust? In a Curly coat??' just kidding, man, do those curls ever trap small bits of crud!!!

  2. Glad you're back to driving regularly! Grooming is a chore right now, that is for sure. Both your horses are beautiful!


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