Saturday, March 23, 2013

Announcing our 1st RAC Game for April!

Good Morning RAC Team!

(With just a week or so before April 1st, I wanted to give you a heads up on your April Game! As you will see it might take a little pre-planning.)

In preparing our curlies for the big summer season, April's game is going to be "Bombproofing Your Curly."
Below are some links to give you some ideas of fun things you can do. You can actually do any of these things
throughout the year to further advance your horse's abilities.

Please keep in mind that SAFETY is number 1 for both you and your Curly, so be smart, 
take it slow and work from the ground first. 

Speaking of "Ground" for the month of APRIL only, you may count your time with your curly on the ground work doing these exercises. Feel free to start messing with your curlies now if you want, but you may not count points on the ground work until April 1st - April 30th. Please make a note on your form that this is for the April Games when you are tallying ground points.

And don't forget to blog! We want to see all the things you are doing! Be creative and HAVE FUN!!!

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