Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I think I have mentioned this before but Theo is a man who likes routine.  After every ride without fail he has to roll as soon as he is untacked and untied.  It's so hilarious to me because I've never had a horse have a "routine" before.  He has added on to this after ride routine by peeing as I untack him.  It's not 100% yet but he will either pee while I untack or after he rolls...

I caught him on video rolling in the stall seconds after I put him in there.


I posted previously that I got a heart rate monitor for Theo's endurance training and of course the belt didn't fit (it's a human one) but I refused to spend money on the belt that is made for horses so I finally made it to the fabric store and bought some elastic and clips.  $11.00 and 5 minutes later I successfully had a long enough belt!  The premade ones are around $75!  Of course I went to try it out and my watch was dead so hopefully tonight the stars will align and I'll start getting some data on where we are at with fitness.

I recently bought a freeform classic treeless saddle and finally got the pad in the mail yesterday so I had to go try it out.  I have to say I had the best ride on Theo that I've ever had in my life.  I don't know if it was the saddle or just working him consistantly but man it was so wonderful.   I rode Abby in it as well and she was free in her strides and was gaiting very well.

All in all the horses are doing great.  Abby is up to 30 minute rides just intime to get her in better shape for horse fair.  Tomorrow the vet comes to see where she is at in her cycle so we know when we can breed her next month.  For the two years I've owned her she has never showed signs of being in heat....well this is the year.  On Friday there was a stallion in the barn for a clinic and he was going nuts over Abby.  Yesterday she was in raging heat driving all the boys wild that still think they are boys...  Hopefully this is a great sign of an easy breeding but you just never know.

23 more days until the Midwest Horse Fair!!!!  
That's it for now
Blaine - WI


  1. I need to get one of those belts! CDE's require heart rate info and I need to see where we are at for conditioning....

    and....who will be your choice of stallions for Abby? having a stallion around always makes the mares much more showy about their intentions.

  2. I'm breeding her to a P.R.E. stallion named Romerito II. He is 17 hands of beauty and has a trot to die for. I'll post a cute little write about them once she is confirmed in foal.

  3. Sounds like alot of exciting things happening around you! Funny how each horse has its own personality!


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