Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The longest Winter ever!

Okay so it's probably not the longest but it sure feels that way.  Theo and Abby got a full week off due to lack of time and going to the Illinois Horse Fair.  I was suppose to take Abby but with her stifle issues we had to cancel. 
I am pleased to announce though that I can now ride her for 15-20 minutes at a time and she is staying sound!   I also got my harness back from getting reoiled and the lines dyed so I'll be ground driving her for some exercise as well.  I might be jinxing myself for saying this but so far she hasn't started to shed.  I'm really hoping she will hang on to her coat until after the Midwest Horse Fair because she has one of those tight curly coats so it's great for the audience to see the different types.  Plus she sheds in clumps so it looks like she has mange for a month while she sheds. 

Theo and I have made tons of progress in our lessons.  I think we might be bonding a little more each time.  I was struggling with his leads but after some clearer directions from me he is picking them up about 85% of the time.  Yesterday in our lesson we jumped for the first time in months!  It was very nice and I had control which wasn't always present in previous jumping sessions.  Once I edit the video I'll post it.  I had to roach his mane because one of the trainers was brushing it (my bad I fogot to mention not to) so it was all uneven and he had some starting to fall out due to the bacteria which I treated.  So now his mane matches his sides.  It looks pretty good actually.  I'm also starting to keep his tail up so it's longer by next year.  He will be making an apperance at the Horse Fair instead of Abby so this year I'm going to get him out as much as possible so he is exposed to everything. His second outing this year will be another clinic with my trainer and then we are going to the Larry Whitesell clinic in May.  Larry normally teaches gaited horses but he uses dressage and rides dressage so it will fit in with what we are doing.  Then camping and some endurance rides.  I'm hoping by fall I have the courage to do a 3day event with him.  I think doing some endurance rides will build my confidence in how much control I have with him.

so that's me I'm excited for the first challenge

Sorry no recent pics I'm horrible at remembering

Blaine - Wi USA


  1. Blaine, I have heard absolutely wonderful things about Larry Whitesell from my friends in the Mainely Gaiters. They have learned so much from attending his clinics and watching his DVD's. Sounds like you have a FULL, exciting and fun year ahead of you, and I am looking forward to experiencing it vicariously through you in the RAC blog!!!!

  2. Thanks Susan. I took Abby to one of his clinics last year it was great stuff. The whole time I was wishing I had brought Theo so this year thats what I am doing. Last year there was two buddy sour walkers and once Larry started having them do some exercies both horses calmed down because they had to think and relax. So I'm really excited.

  3. Blaine, are coming along nicely ! It is so exciting to hear of another curly headed towards eventing..that is such a challenging sport. you are doing an excellent job...!

  4. I agree with your title. It does feel like the longest winter ever! And I typically love winter and riding in the snow! We have more snow on the way too! Good luck with your training and clinic - sounds very exciting!


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