Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Weekend Rides!

Well, I've had a busy weekend riding with first Denise yesterday and another friend today, Catherine, or Cat as we fondly call her.  Both days were beautifully sunny, but cool, like mid 20's in the afternoon.   Yesterday after Denise arrived we tacked up and I was getting mounted on Corky, but he wasn't standing still after I was on and adjusting my stirrups, so I was repeating the whoa, when he stepped into some deep snow, backed up, slipped on an icy spot and just folded up underneath me.  It was soooo funny!  Denise was adjusting her girth, so all she seen was me laying on the ground, Corky attempting to get up and realized my right leg was still in the stirrup and my boot came off in the stirrup, so Corky just laid back down and sighed.  Poor boy!  What a heck of a start!  I get my boot back on and ask Corky to get up, which he does and of course this time around he stood still.  And we're off!
Dixie, Denise's afternoon mount.  No curls there!
Denise was kind enough to take a couple of pictures on our ride yesterday.  I had my camera with me and when I went to take pictures of her, of course, the batteries were dead!  Ugghhh!  We were out for about 45 minutes so I could show all the trails that I've been riding here this winter.  We had a good time!

Me on Corky and our faithful trail companion Chance!
Today, as I said, Cat came over in the afternoon.  Again, the sun was shining immensely, but it was chilly!  Once again, we started out and just enjoyed the day and the trails.  We got about 3 more inches of snow last night, so the trail was all fresh.  The trees were absolutely beautiful today because they were coated in snow again, but then of course we were covered too!

Cat on Dixie
This shot here is on a new section of trail that my husband has just done in the last month.  Such a lucky girl I am!  It runs along the bank of the creek and should be dry year round, so I can have a little trail all the time!

A view going down onto the bank and up the other side.
Me on Cork!

Chancer posing!
So I hope everyone has had as much fun as I have had this weekend!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. What beautiful scenery! This sounds like such a great ride.


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