Saturday, March 23, 2013

party is over!real training starts today!

Poor little Bucky....your life as a young party animal is over!
Today was your first real training day.....from now on...twice a will get professional trainning.

Today we started first let you run around in circles, you where said and was calling to your friends the hole time...after that there was a strange person wanted to sit on your didn't understand at in the beginning you did't walked at all, but afther that you started walking...

small step for a man...hughe step for Bucky :)


  1. Way to go!! This will give him something new to think about - good job Bucky!

  2. hahaha we also told eatchother,...he has something to think about hahaha LOL!

    he is a verry pretty horse with a saddle on his back, looks like he can walk verry nicely!!! thanks for your comment.

    greetings marjolein

  3. Oh what will be cool to watch Bucky's progress!


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