Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trial Ryding.......

After two weeks have been unable to ride because lack of time and bad weather today was finally a good day to go!!..again!
The weather is beautiful, it was no longer that cold so we could go to practice my goal ... riding out side!
My goal I wanted to reach in this contest was to buy a new pony for the children (which I have) and relaxed ryding outdoors!
Today I came to the stables and there were a couple of friends riding in the arena.
So we join them, Cinderella is always bit grumpy when there ride more horses  I do not understand why. Should it just be fun???
Because I did not dare to ride outside with Cinderella one off the girls asked me to join her (thank Sylvana) for a ride outside, I went along with her on a trip...
We did it! .... it was not very long but it was our first real official trail ride!

Cinderella was very excited and wanted to go backt to the stables a few times.
I found it myself very well, and I was not that nervous as I thought I would be,
(because I had someone to join together to ride.)

We are one step closer to our goal!

After riding we put Cinderella and Bucky together in the arena for the first time together
 .... Bucky wanted to meet Cinderella and play with her but dared not,
and Cinderella behaved like an old granny!!!!

I am happy they did't put up a fight, they just walked around eath other.

Tomorrow we go to practice and hopefully we will end up with a nice and safe trail ride with beautifull sunshine!


  1. PERFECT!!!!!! How great is that? You found someone to ride with outside the ring! I am so happy for you. Maybe Cinderella is grumpy when you ride with other horses because she is trying to determine where she falls in the herd, and she would like to be higher up. :) and sometimes mares are just grumpy around geldings because they like to be bossy. Ah-D has been kicked a few times by a bossy mare.

  2. Congratulations Marjolein! I agree with Susan that there are many reasons why Cinderella would act that way with other horses. I've been told, like everything else, you just have to work at it and make sure they know what you expect of them when you're riding with other horses. Cinderella will get the hang of it! Just keep up the good work!

  3. What a huge accomplishment!! And a big step so early in the year! You will definitely accomplish your goal with time to spare! Congratulations!

  4. Thank you al for your lovely words!meens a lot to me!!!

  5. Congratulations Marjorlein! I didn't know Cinderella was a bay!!!??? She didn't look bay when she was here visiting as a baby. So great to see her advancing, what a great job you guys are doing.

    1. You know, I was thinking the same thing; I thought she was chestnut, and I was surprised to clearly see the black mane and tail!

  6. Great story and pictures as well :) Congrats, Marjolein! Remember, spring is to come here soon!


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