Friday, March 29, 2013

Full on Spring!

Well, Spring is well and truly here - all the horses are dropping giant amounts of hair, I am obliging and eating my fair share of course LOL.
But the great part is that I have been taking every advantage to ride, ride, ride!  I am riding *Relic for my friend, I mentioned him before, he is the lovely bay son of *Sandman that I am lucky enough to be training and riding for my friend Cheryl Murphy.  Relic had some major issues with having his back severely out of alignment, but once we identified it and had the chiropractor look at him he is doing very well!  I am riding him 4 times a week and he is really making progress.  Relic will be available for sale once his saddle training is a bit further along - he is a really good one - someone is going to get a really super horse!
Today I also rode my wonderful mare *Tessa - gosh she is a great horse - I had just a superb ride on her, just in the ring - but I was really wishing we could be out on the trail - the weather is fantastic!  I have quite a number of horses, of course, but Tessa is "mine", she is my horse and I wish I had more time to ride her, she is amazing.

The big news though, is that last week I restated my young stallion *BCF Icon under saddle and oh wow is he being a GOOD boy - he is an amazing young horse, willing, soft, forward, full of try, non-spooky, athletic - gush, gush, you get the picture LOL. 
My picture taker Anastasia is away still at university, final two weeks before graduation, so I have no recent pictures to share, here is one of me and Icon from last fall, but this was only a couple of days under saddle, he is so much further along now - what a good boy!
Will try to get new pictures soon, so many horses and things to do - but will make time!
Shelly in Summerland, BC

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