Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Really Great Outdoors

 Today Legacy and I had the most enjoyable drive...we are now working outdoors, in our former outdoor arena. I took down the corral panels and posts, that made up our outdoor arena, for a little more room to work! 
Going from inside to outside has its obvious differences, but for driving horses, there is another difference....the footing is quite different, and a full carriage does not pull as easily on ungroomed ground with natural divits and lumps and bumps.  Legacy and I had a nice "warm up drive" yesterday, in the great outdoors....she felt she needed to trot to pull, so I let her. Trotting gives a horse the advantage of impulsion, moving the carriage is easier in certain circumstances at the trot, rather than the, I felt today would be a bit of a test to see if she still needed to trot to move the carriage.

I was quite pleased that most of our work today was done at the walk!  Legacy is comfortable with the uneven ground...and we had a very enjoyable session of work...            
Legacy is a bit of a ham also...she always "holds" her lead rope while I harness and unharness. I decided for a photo today, and every time she took the rope and I get my camera ready, she dropped the rope!  finally I turned my back and catch her not looking at me...LOL...silly girl !!! the curly genes run deep.   


  1. That holding the lead rope is awesome! Love your countryside!

  2. These Curlies are so personable! I love those listening ears. Look at your grass! You are a whole month ahead of us in Maine.


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