Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Road to the Horse 2013 in Lexington, KY  Totally wonderful and amazing~4 terrific horsemen/women.  Demonstrations, shopping, training and the final test.  At first I thought Guy Mcleans method was too much, too strong and demanding of the horse too fast but it sure paid off on day 3. The 6666 Remuda horses were bred for intelligence & brought quite a challenge to the competitors. They were all just great~ Guy McLean, Dan James, Obie Schlom, & Sarah  Winters. The announcers were terrific, too.
And thanks to Ride-a-Curly I hooked up with a total stranger who trailered her Curlies up from South Kentucky along with her tack for us to ride over 5 hours in the Kentucky Horse Park! Marion Huurman of Hidden Cave Ranch quickly became a good friend and riding partner with her "Blue Eyed Jake" & "Warrior Freedom" ~ two gorgeous Curlies who grabbed the attention of everyone we passed and handled tons of unfamiliar stimuli like a Curlie should: in stride! And Jake~what a fluid canter!!!  Curlies rock and so did this year's RttH! Thank you so much Marion!!!


  1. I just love how you two came together! What a terrific story! United by Curlies!

  2. I know, I love it, too! I am so glad this happened for both of you. It's wonderful to make a new friend.


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