Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trial ride part 4

Pfffff after a verry long time not ryding (because off work) I finally get back in the saddle!!!
The wetter was perfect, still snowing a little bit, not that could..not windy....can't wait till spring gets here......

Question to you all: do you also have a terrible winter??????...Just want to know how the wetter is in other country's...


  1. I would not call it a terrible winter. We have had a lot of snow in February and March, but then that is to be expected. We did get a foot of snow on the Official First Day of Spring...but nobody in Maine ever believes that spring begins in March.

  2. We have snow rain and everything has been under water for weeks now! I'm looking forward to proper Spring! :)


  3. well the wetter terrible in the netherlands, we are not used to the cold....and we have a lot of rain...tomorrow the wind will feel like 1 15 degrees :( can't wait till spring get's here!!

  4. It's been a long cold winter in WI this year! I think anyway....we are normally in the 40's this time of year and the other day it was 3 above.......

  5. Our winter here in Eastern Ontario has been a roller coaster of mild to cold with frequent temperature changes of 20 degrees or more within a 24 hour period. Lots of snow then a melt, then lots of snow then another melt! SO ready for SPRING!!!!

  6. We have had a "normal" Upper Peninsula of Michigan winter, but the last few were very easy winters, so we got spoiled, so now it seems like a hard winter. Lake levels were dropping, so all the snow will help that this year!


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