Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not much going on here - we got 8 inches of snow! We did hook up the team to feed (they aren't curlies though). I did take some photos of Ace a few days ago. I did get him in a do some groundwork also. It's been cold and snowy here - really looking forward to spring! I also need to find someone willing to work the camera for me while I do stuff with Ace!


  1. LOVE his colouring!! If your camera has a timer on it I have found that sometimes fenceposts and tree branches can be good cameramen!! : )

  2. Oh, the photos are beautiful. Ace is a handsome fella{:>

  3. Thank you - I will have to try the fence post thing!!! I have a long weekend coming up will have to get outside and try that :)


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