Monday, March 4, 2013

Some Catching Up!!!

I know i have not been on to blog for sometime but the last few weeks have been very busy and the weather has been in the way of safe riding for the most part. I also got sick for about a week and that just made me want to curl up inside where it was warm!
A few weeks ago I had some opportunities to ride and spend time with my horses. I even managed to have a few days decent enough to give some lessons. I'm hoping that they will pick up again once the weather warms up in the coming weeks. Chuck helped me give a lesson to one of my older teen students, Mia. It was her first time riding Chuck and found him to be a bit lazier than our mare Stella, who is much more forward. I also think he was testing her for this first ride. The following week we did another lesson where Mia rode another horse and i rode Chuck. He was very good and moved out for me. More evidence in my mind that he was just being stubborn and testing Mia's mettle the week before. ;)
Mia and Chuck
We got an opportunity to share info about our farm and wonderful curly horses at the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival in mid-February. I had a booth at the festival selling my handmade horse hair jewelry. People were drawn to the framed photos of our curlys and asked many questions. I think i talked more about the horses than i did jewelry! It was also a good opportunity to inform some of the locals about our farm as they did not realize that we were close by.

Part of our booth @Fire n Ice festival, Lititz, Pa

 This past weekend I managed to ride both Sat. and Sunday. The first day i rode Chuck it was windy and he spooked at something moving in the wind behind him. Of course i stopped our work and he got a break while my heart beat recovered. He didn't do it again for the rest of the ride and he acted as if it never happened. Yesterday's ride was in the ring with a few of my boarders riding their horses too. About the same amount of time into our ride, Chuck did the same spook at the same spot. This time i circled him a few times and made him work for it and when we finally stopped in the ''Spooky spot'' he stood and looked like he was sulking. i think he expected another break like the day before. The rest of our ride was great and he was so well behaved . There was a mare in the arena too and i was so proud of Chuck as we cantered big circles around her and maneuvered around some of the other horses. I feel like he did well for the most part despite the fact that he hasn't been ridden very consistently this winter.
I have not done much saddle time at all on my gelding Remi this winter but we have done some great ground work in prep for more saddle time this spring. I can see that he is maturing mentally and handling new things well and taking them in stride. I know everyone keeps saying it but I can't wait for Spring!


  1. Nice booth! I loved reading about all the personalities of your horses, too. They all have minds of their own, don't they? I just love the color of your Remi.

  2. What beautiful pictures and what a nice story :) Yes, I agree with Susan, Remi looks so cute :)

  3. Very smart looking booth! The horses are looking great! Glad to hear you're feeling better


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