Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wild, Wild Wind!

~Susan and Ah-D and the Lab Gang in Maine~
Joyful wanderings
I woke up in a funk this morning and caught a chill doing chores in the freezing cold weather and biting wind, so I took a nap.  After my nap, I felt so much better, all energized and ready to clean the house and ...RIDE! It was warmer than the morning, but that wind was still WILD, and therefore, so was my Curly. My oldest Lab Grace failed rapidly last week, and I really wanted her to be able to go, so I made this ride short with lots of stops to smell the roses, which in this case was fresh snow, pine branches and clean air.  We crossed our pastures, and Ah-D was beside himself with freshness as the wind whipped through the fields.  We made our way across the power line and into the haven of the woods, where the wind was only whipping the tops of the trees.  I was quite warmly dressed in my parka and toasty lined gloves wasn't cold in the least.
We received about a foot of snow earlier in the week, so the stone walls were mostly hidden.
Ah-D was very forward, but very attuned to me.  I was so happy to be out and about with my beloved horse and dogs.  We stopped many times so I could admire the beauty of the scenery and watch my Labs run around sniffing in heady delight.

Cameo turns two years old tomorrow, but she is still a puppy at heart.
We didn't stay out too long or travel too far. Grace kept up just fine.  After the ride, I spent some time with Ah-D trimming his feet and just hanging out with he and Allie.  I took in that wonderful warm horse smell and gave him lots of scratches and rubs.  In return, he nuzzled me over and over and laid his head on me.
I am so blessed.


  1. Wish my horses rode in the wind well. It wouldn't be a real pleasant ride for me with high winds, though Cork does okay with a little wind. I hope Grace returns to health soon! (Unless I misunderstood that comment.)

  2. Aww...I know how it is when you have an aging dog and you want to involve them. It's sad to leave them home. I am glad you were all able to get out and have such a great ride...some of my best rides are the ones where I take time to smell the roses. Stopping and just feeling the wind..sunshine or smells. It's the BEST!!! Glad you had such a nice afternoon...sounds like it lifted your spirits. I know for me, it works every time. =] Thanks for always sharing Susan!! Love your stories!

  3. Thank you both. Grace was able to climb our (very steep) barn stairs this morning for the first time in a week, but I am not taking anything for granted.


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