Friday, March 29, 2013

NIght before my birthday ride

This week has been all blue skies and sun, sun and sun, with the temps hovering in the 40's during the day, so the snow is slowly melting. Just fantastic weather! And, yup, I came up with a cold on Tuesday! I have been super bummed because I had all I could do to get through my work day, but today I gathered all my strength and saddled up Corky. It's so nice to sit in the saddle without three layers of clothes on! But I am going to miss the snow riding days and no bugs. I think Denise has converted me! Maybe I need to move to Alaska or some place with alot of snow! haha!

If you look hard, you'll see a barn to your right and a house to your left across the field. 

The last couple of rides Corky has been looking twice at things such as the dirt peeking out of the snow as it melts or a pile of snow that has changed shape.  Just cracks me up, but reminds me how important it is to ride year round and keep up with their training.  Today we scared up a bird of some sort and he spooked in place, but nothing more than that.  I also found a piece of trail today that I didn't ride the last time so it looked fresh like we just had a snowfall, but not this week.  But never fear, supposed to have lake effect on Monday and Tuesday I think they're predicting.

I've always wanted to take a picture like this.
 We did scare up a snowshoe rabbit too, but Corky didn't see it like I did. He was concentrating hard on staying on the trail. He came up with the idea today that we should go investigating off in the woods and the minute he stepped off the trail, he was up to his chest in snow. I think he's trying to tell me he's bored with the same trails! The road has melted off nicely, so I think we'll be trying that next.

I'm hoping to ride tomorrow morning before the rain they're predicting!

And I'm really excited about the ground work game, because now you get to meet Rocky!  Corky needs work too, but Rocky won't get broke out until later this year, so we'll just be having fun with him for now.

Happy Easter!

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