Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Weekend Janeen!!!

It is finally starting to warm up a little bit!! After just over a week of taking it easy (an incident involving the wheelbarrow and an apparent shrunken barn door left me with a very badly bruised - but I don't think cracked, rib). I was more than ready to ride! I brought the hackamore out the other day but ended up not riding because I was too sore after chores.
Today worked though! I groomed...and groomed...and groomed Linus - he is actually not as plucky as I thought he was with 20lbs of hair off of him!!
The only good footing right now is in his round pen or the road so I just slapped the bareback pad and new hackamore on and did the round pen. He gave a trot when asked, backed beautifully for me and did his turns in both directions with only the slightest hint of boredom!
It wasn't a big ride but it was just right!
Hope you're having a fantastic Birthday weekend Janeen!!
Donna and Linus
Lunenburg. On
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  1. Thanks, Donna! That is awesome! Rides don't have to be long to be productive!


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