Sunday, March 3, 2013

Busy, Beautiful Saturday!

Yesterday the sun came out for the first time since I last posted a ride on Lark (a month ago?) My helper, Christine and I have got everything caught up and husband was out repairing the stall (which Quigley demolished over the last week or so).

First, over the course of several weeks, he had put himself through one of the doors separating him and Rocky (the door was hung about him and we had to disassemble it to get him out!) Then, he hung out the door between Rocky and Billy Jack to produce a run stall (we have BIG boxes) for all three of them (Billy Jack, Rocky and Quigley). Because of course he had created an indoor run for the three, they in turn started to disassemble the door frames between each stall and the wooden flooring, and finally we had to hang them on over night after Quigley destroyed the door that keeps their boxes closed on one end. Of course, Quigley found a way to get himself over the wall, which meant we had to disassemble the final door frame so he could get himself off the half wall. With all that done, I finally got the renovating I wanted done yesterday! As hubby rebuilt all the door frames, reinstalled the doors, and did the floor boarding in the stallion boxes! Yeah!

While that was going on, my students (older folks) showed up on such a nice day to visit the horses. A great opportunity to get them back in the saddle, and Christine too! So, we worked three horses yesterday as the snow was melting. The roundpen held up though, and Lark gave two riding lessons, and I was up too! I also got Diamond Rain riding again (bareback, she was great and relaxed having been outside in the mare herd in the Open Stall with the others) and we started Quigley working under saddle again. He was happy to work, and is like the Energizer Bunny. He even let me do some mounting work and a bit of a walk in the saddle.

With a sunburn and a bit overworked, it was time to crash!


  1. Glad you are feeling better and are caught up! Can't believe you have a sunburn. It will be a while for us.

  2. Happy you're feeling better! I love Quigley's name! And he sounds so much like Linus! He would have torn the barn apart like that too if given the chance!

  3. I, too, am glad you're feeling better! Kind of funny, but not funny, how Quigley dismantled the barn for you. I hope he is through his curiosity now! Glad you got to ride!

  4. Hi all, thanks so much! I'm glad to be feeling better too! Quigley is a character. Actually, my dad named him, and he was born on a very special day. His name comes from that movie with Tom Selek, called, "Quigley Down Under." which is a favorite of my dad's. Quigley is such a character. Poor Hubby had to work all yesterday (Sunday) replacing the floor boards in the stallion boxes on one side, which they completely destroyed and trampled. Now, we have door frames, doors, and flooring back in, and one exhausted husband. The weather has been lovely, I hope we ride again today. I'll take some picture this time!

  5. Love that story, Karen, LOL :) Sandor tried to kill himself lately, sounds a lot like this, right ? He is such a candidate as well LOL


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