Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heavy Snow

That last snowstorm we had in Maine deposited some very wet and heavy snow, much different than the blizzard snow, which was light and fluffy.  The weatherman said it was the third snowiest February on record, and I believe it, but now it is March!!!!!! and onward towards spring, I say!
Nevertheless, it was tough going out on the trails.  Ah-D had to pick his feet up high with every step. He stopped quite often and rested, which made Allie very happy.  Kate and I were jabbering on about this and that anyway, and we were getting a kick out of our "old plugs."  I could even bang my legs against Ah-D's sides on occasion, and he still wouldn't go forward!  Kate and I were giggling about it like two schoolgirls.  I really don't know who has more fun than us.  Kate brought treats for Ah-D and Allie and they were very appreciative.  She even brought seven treats for the six Labs (one extra in case of a whoopsie, Kate is so smart!) and every girl got one.  They were happy campers, too.  They worked REALLY hard in the snow.  We didn't stay out too long because we didn't want to overwork anyone.  We had tons of fun and enjoyed the peaks of sunshine Mother Nature offered us now and then. (Snowing out again now).

Not alot of snow underneath this big spruce, so we used it as one of our resting spots.
We have already made plans to ride tomorrow up the road to Sanitorium Hill, which should be a good long ride with some nice views.


  1. Susan you look like you are having a good time and the horses look like they are doing well, I hope we see spring soon and a lot of warm weather,, I want winter done!! How is the new saddle holding up for you...??

    1. It's still wonderful, Harold, fits like a glove. Winter is not over yet, not in my neck of the woods nor yours, but at least now we get stronger sun and warmer temperatures. Allie is shedding heavily but Ah-D is not...don't know what is up with that. Maybe he needs a good sweat to bring it on.

  2. Linus is mega shedding but Allie isn't! Go figure! Yes that storm sure dumped heavy snow! Everyone around here with a tractor helped those without because it was so heavy! Maine is so pretty!

  3. Your description of AhD stopping to take a break and not wanting to go reminded me of my experience with Corky a month ago! lol! Glad I'm not the only one.

  4. Since I don't get over here as often as I'd like, I missed that you got a new saddle! When you get a chance email me and tell me all about it!! I'm thrilled for you!! You ride so much, you really NEED a good saddle for both of you!! Yippee!


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