Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some days are...

a milestone. And, today was one of them.

Clooney, the grey stallion, has been in training with a Classical Dressage trainer. It's a first for him, as he was trained western. Clooney is taking to it really well, and the trainer was proud of him today. I showed up and we waited for the rain to stop, and when it finally did, we headed for the roundpen. Clooney on the longe line was excited today due to the wind and rain, but settled down. I got on board, and let myself be longed in the gallop. It was a milestone for us both, as I hadn't ridden him since my accident almost three years ago (not on Clooney mind you). It was like being at the Spanish Riding School, going round and round in a gallop with hardly a touch on the reins and rather sitting up high lifting the back straight and getting my butt into the saddle, deep and relaxed. What a great day. Here's Clooney today with a head band made by Marianne Olsen (she's a Curly owner). Doesn't he look great!


  1. Love his name! Congratulations on your milestone! What a handsome boy!

  2. Thanks Donna! We didn't name him, he came with the name. Wendy Parker bred him, and the dam was sold in foal to a private party in B.C. I saw his baby picture when he went up for sale, and that is how we noticed him. In a long round about story, we were able to purchase him, and bring him over. He's really a very funny guy, and much like his namesake (George, you know?) The folks at the Classical Dressage school where he is training, call him Mr. Mozart. He has a very curly bushy mane, which makes him look like he is wearing a Mozart wig. He's looking really good now, funny how a certain training method works, he's got a very baroque look about him (even that baroque tummy). He has a very nice rhythmic trot, which they are really pleased about, and the trainer loves to snuggle him (a guy you know!) So, I know he really likes him. Phew! You never know how it will work out, so I'm glad they are having fun together. Afterwards, when the trainer had galloped us about, asking me to sit back and up and I was stretching and moving those hips as well as I could without overdoing it (balance, harmony, oh dear!) Afterwards, the trainer said he was so proud (of Clooney, not me! hahahah) and then turned to me and said, I did really good, and then asked, how old are you again? I told him, and he said, poah, really good! LOL

    1. You have such a good sense of humor about it all! Love "George's" baroque style - so handsome - and he is talented to boot, so it looks like you have the Whole Package.

  3. Thanks Susan, we're hoping so. The trainer confirmed his trot is excellent, and if we can get him to enjoy doing lateral work, he said that Clooney would look excellent. We'll see, as Clooney has been a breeding stallion for the last 8 years. He's doing well though, and I'm so glad to finally get him into this. The trainer also said, that he is of the right age now (at going on 11 years!) That is sort of what I like about Classical, they take it slow and easy for the health of the horse. It's a good thing I didn't over ride him much (hahahah) so that he's doesn't have ingrained habits.


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