Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Janeen's Maine Birthday Ride

Well, Ah-D and I made it out for a nice little ride last night right before dark to celebrate Janeen's birthday!  And, there is more cause for celebration because it was our very first after work ride of the year!!!

Grace celebrating with gleeful roll in the snow
I can't believe there is finally enough light (and I have enough energy) to have a nice ride after work.  The snow is fast disappearing, and the sap buckets are filling quickly.  Grace felt good enough to roll in the snow during a rest stop halfway through the ride. 
Ah-D was a peach.  I made sure to throw him some hay the minute I arrived home, so that by the time I was ready to saddle up that he wasn't starving for a snack and crabby about it.  I am hoping I will have enough time later in the week to take another After Work Ride to celebrate with Janeen!

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  1. Isn't it nice to have light into the evening! I did a short ride last evening too, after I was done with work. Glad to see Grace rolling in the snow! I love your countryside with the rolling hills. Hope to "see" you again later this week!


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