Monday, March 4, 2013

So you think Linus is curious?

The water to the horse end of the farm freezes over winter so we bring it over using the tractor bucket. It doesn't take long - in fact it's less time than running a hose over every day.
Our herd bull is on the other side of the horse corral so I was bringing his water to him when I turned and found Linus inspecting the loader! Not just a nosing as usual but both his front feet are IN the bucket!! What a guy!! So, those of you that think he is curious - bang on!
I went over and rubbed some favourite places for him and then put my hand down and said "bow". He tucked his head down to my hands! Yay!! I didn't have treats on me so he got some more good scratches.
Not much more than that happened today. In with a cow waiting for her to calve so that's the extent of horse-play today! Just had to share those pics! : )
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  1. He is so funny!!!! Always into something. Reminds me of a Curly I know and love. I wonder how those two would get along? I bet they would play Wild Stallion Fight a lot.

  2. You bring out the best in Linus! It's good he's so curious and trusting!

  3. Oh Susan! Our "studs" together would probably be hilarious! I'm sure they'd try to outdo one another with their antics!
    Thank you Janeen. He sure keeps me on my toes! But he is a lot of fun. So much personality!

  4. Hahaha he IS :) LOL Somehow familiar :)


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