Saturday, March 30, 2013

That moment, when get that connection makes you want to cry of happiness

Some of you will recognize that feeling...
Layla is a BLM mustang mare. We found her on a auction late at night true Facebook. She was bought by a kill buyer but he was willing to let her go. Long story I will not bother you with it LOL.

This is not a RIDE a curly but ground work, so it doesn't count but I was so proud of her today I wanted to share it.

Here we are walking the trails for the first time. She is still extremely insecure, but at the same time she is so calm. She is just such a pleasure to work with, big heart, big try.
Lots of demons needs to go out. She sweats easily but that's good. Let it all out, and go away.

 Discovering the area

See how she is with water....super

Going up the hill

We found a posted sigh...really scary thing. But an opportunity to work with. And in the end I even put it on her back.

Sweaty face, poor girl, she worked hard


We rode but no pics

Marion Huurman, Hidden Cave Ranch KY

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  1. Awww, Marion, this brings tears to my eyes. I remember her story and she couldn't have found a better home. Yes, she worked hard today and discovered it will be okay! Good job!


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